PropTech Analytics

Proptech Analytics uses data analysis and data visualisation, to bring order and insight to property development information. Key financial and operational data is analysed and benchmarked - for individual projects, and large portfolios.

By using a standardised data structure, development risk is assessed in an objective and consistent format, with the opportunity to create bespoke reports and interactive dashboards. This allows for simulations to consider ‘what if?’ scenarios, and ‘stress-test’ assumptions on all the key variables. The software used by Proptech Analytics tracks and monitors the financial performance and creditworthiness of the entire project supply-chain. The system also acts as a ‘living will’ - with a secure repository of key development files and information. By fully understanding the key metrics and risk factors, we assist property developers, lenders, and other stakeholders to appraise and monitor projects..


• Development risk analysis • Project and supply-chain monitoring • Benchmarking and development cost analysis • Sensitivity analyses and ‘stress-testing’ • Bespoke reporting and data analysis solutions •Development risk workshops and training seminars